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"We had a great experience with GSEP—this was our first time hosting a GSEP student, and we plan on applying again next year!"

Give a student professional experience in a real-world situation while getting help and gaining fresh perspectives during a 3-month summer project.

  • Design a project in any of 3 areas:
    • Data Analysis and Monitoring
    • Needs Assessment
    • Program Evaluation
  • Provide a student with clear tasks and a goal.
  • Provide a mentor.
  • Host student for 12 weeks beginning in May, June or July.
  • Attend a preceptor orientation conference call with GSEP in January
  • Participate in a conference call with GSEP and the student at the project’s half-way point to discuss progress, next steps, and challenges (if any)
  • Complete an end-of-project evaluation
  • Read Frequently-Asked Questions From Agencies.