Frequently-Asked Questions from Agencies

Can we submit more than one project proposal?

Yes. However, we try to spread the students out to as many agencies as possible so it is likely we will only be able to send you one student. We can post multiple projects from your agency and place one student with whichever project best matches their skill set and interests.

What do we need to provide for the student?

Agencies are required to provide the student with a mentor and physical workspace within the department hosting the student. The agency should also provide the student with any software (NVivo, SPSS, STATA, ArcGIS, etc.) required for completion of the assigned project.

Do we need to provide student housing?

The agency does not need to directly provide housing. However, we encourage agencies to direct students to local area resources where they may be able to find housing. If there are local area colleges that might provide short-term summer housing, we have found that works best. Providing the student with information on public transit, neighborhood safety, and anything else they may need to know to live and travel comfortably in your area is also helpful.

Do we need to pay the student?

GSEP provides the student with a $5,500 stipend based on the completion of 3 deliverables spread over the course of their 12 week project. Sometimes, the project will require travel to site visits, meetings, or conferences within the state. Travel costs for those project related expenses (rental car, hotel, per diem, etc.) should not be incurred by the student and should be covered by the agency.

Can we interview students before deciding whether to accept them?

An interview is not built into the GSEP candidate selection process. Agencies will be provided with the student’s resume to review. If the agency requires additional information in order to make their decision, GSEP staff will obtain that information from the student.

Do we need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?

Yes. The GSEP has a standard 2-page MOU that the GSEP, the student, and the agency must sign prior to the student’s first day of work. The purpose of the MOU is to ensure that all parties understand and agree to fulfill the goals and objectives of the program. 

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